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Have you ever known a Dumb ASS Bitch who has is so lame that you felt it completely necessary to warn your fellow man about her and about the fucked up shit she did to you or your family.  IT is your duty for free to please upload her name, city, and your story and videos so others can learn from your mistake(s) and create your own video logs created to detail her history. The Highest bidder per month can have his DUMB ASS BITCH stay on the front page. If enough people participate, we can set your story straight and trash her reputation as should be done ,and give good reason to others beware about dating these scandalous trashy Dumb ASS Bitches. Please welcome and Congratulate this weeks returning undefeated champion as the Dumbest Ass Bitch in the World 2011- AMY TAYLOR from Hampton, VA !!!! you are so dumb we will keep you on the front page for the whole year. No one can take your place in history. We salute you.
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